Asian Online Casino Games

Asian casino games are among the most popular and common games available in online casinos and gaming websites these days. This is because the market of customers for online gaming in Asia is huge and thus popular games that originate in Asia are often popular all over the world.

Asian casino games is a general term for a variety of online gambling games that were invented by Asian companies and are available for playing at various online casinos and gaming websites in Asia. One of the most exciting and vibrant examples of Asian casino games is Three Card Poker.

Three Card Poker is a variation of the traditional Five Card Poker that became popular in Asian gaming casinos. This variant is much more fast paced (and hence more exciting) than regular poker due to the fact that the player and the dealer can compare hands without the player having to do anything first. Faster game play allows players to make money faster. This is facilitated even further by the provision for side bets in most forms of Three Card Poker. One of the leading companies that innovate Asian casino games is Microgaming. Microgaming has its own variant of Three Card Poker where the player begins with a bet known as the Ante . The player is dealt his cards and must keep them face up while the dealer must keep his cards face down. At this point the player may either fold, whereby he loses his initial ante bet or he must play. In order to play, however, the player must double the ante.

There is another variant of Three Card Poker called Multi-hand. This form is also available in the Microgaming Gold series of online casinos and gaming websites. The different between this and regular Three Card Poker is that in Multi-Hand, the player can play up to 5 hands at the same time against the same dealer with each hand being played separately. Asian casino games are a brilliant spin in online gaming.